Wakenya wanatengenezanga movie Kali kweli?
Six reasons why you should watch BANGARANG


  1. The film is based on a true story . The director is a victim of the 2017 post election violence and also got to witness baby Pendo incident until she took her last breath.

A good story is a real story. Nothing can beat that and that’s why the best tip a filmmaker is given is ‘ tell the story you know’

2. It is a well funded film
The film was funded by the Kenya Film Commission through their film empowerment programme and also got some other form of support from the Kisumu County government
It will not be the usual low budget films Kenyans make and expect to get away with a lot of mistakes just because it’s a low/zero budget film.

3. The film has already won awards and gained prestigious international recognition
Just to name a few, the film has participated in the following local and international festivals.

Rustenburg Film Festival South Africa
Festival Ecrans Noirs; Cameroon
Africa International Film Festival.
Lake International Pan-African Film Festival 2021.

4. It has been Produced and directed by Oddongo Robbie.

Has you seen his previous works? He is great!

Odongo Robbie is an awesome guy, very creative and a multi award winning filmmaker in Kenya. If you have watched his previous works, expect a lot more from this production.


  1. It is an original Kenyan film
    The Kenyan film industry has come a long way and we live in exciting times when the quality of production has greatly improved. This film is part of the change being talked about. You are very lucky to be alive and witness this. You shouldn’t miss it for anything.

6.Lupita Nyong’o’s Dad, Anyang Nyong’o is an actor in the film!
Guess what, the father to the first Kenyan to win an Oscar participated in this amazing project. You must watch this, and see if Lupita got her skills from her dad!
It’s going to be a good time and I cannot wait.

Here’s the premier schedule
Kisumu, December 11 at
Nairobi, December 12 at
Buy your tickets at 1000bob, Mpesa Paybill Number 529754

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