πŸ•› Runtime : 13:33

πŸ“Ί Release date: August 7, 2020

πŸ“½οΈScreened by: @Jiongoze Project

It was once said, “an artist who has done his job well does not need to sign his name.” I assume that is the approach used in this move reason being, the incredible film has no credits! That being said, the crew and cast will not be tagged in this post. I respect the level of craftsmanship that went into this movie. Every crew member and cast played their roles to their level best.

It is a powerful story sending a strong message to the audience. I was left feeling like I wanted more. It creates awareness on radicalization.
The performance in this art piece is incredible. It will be fun to see stars giving award winning performances.
All aspects of cinematography are beautifully pieced together and make a breathtaking film.

Memorable moment: the unique timelapse scene

Not My Son ( available on YouTube ) is also a great piece of art done under the Jiongoze project and has the same theme.

The lighting, blocking, directing, and camera work in this film is pure art. It has definitely set a bar on Kenyan films . I highly recommend everyone to watch this short film.

Out of 5

What are your thoughts on the Directing of this movie? Share on the comment section and also recommend more Kenyan movies and you’d like reviewed.

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