🗣️Director: Robert Kamau
Jante Joy Juma

📽️D.O.P : Agila B Shammer

🎙️Sound: Royal Katumo
Saviour Kumwaka
💄. Makeup : Murigi Jackline

🎭 Cast:
Bernard Irungu
Ellah Maina
Gillan Muchama
Mwachari Butiko
Kibathi Faith
Mwaura N Bilal
Geofrey Corbz Karabilo

After years of patiently working in the city and saving money so that he could one day go back to his upcountry home, Kwami one day makes for home with nothing but a wanted bounty and a trail of murder victims.

Why U Hate official trailer

If you are to pick something out of this review, let it be the cinematography. Lately, the Kenyan film industry has greatly improved in three aspects, the story, acting and cinematography. Why U hate is an exceptional movie, all the three aspects are done to perfection. There are so many things to love about the film so here are the things that I enjoyed the most:

Behind the scenes photo


If this film was to enter a film competition right now, it would be nominated for best picture for sure. I kid you not, this film feels like a painting. Especially all interior scenes where they had much control of what to show. Food for the eyes I say. Attention to detail, purposeful camera angles and movements, inventive utilization of mis-en-scéne. . This was definitely aesthetic. Nothing ordinary. The cinematic shots are just well composed to make you re watch it.
Hats off Mr. Agila .


This original story by Royal Katumo profoundly addresses the normal good and bad times of life yet everybody can either identify with it or understand why things occur. It catches how things that happen to you wind up shaping you. It captures being a victim and the freedom that comes with accepting things you cannot control. What unique is how the story is written, how it is divided into chapters and the directing style. Commitment and dedication to the project shows itself. This film will screen soon in cinemas and I can’t wait to discuss with you about it’s ending.

Kwami’s characterization was fully developed and I liked the idea of giving him a recurring sequence that was very meaningful to the story.


Kudos to the casting director. The cast in this film is just the best. They all looked the part and played it to their level best. Even people with one line like Karabilo stood out. Every performer is memorable. You want to see the stars of this film over and over. Ella, who has recently been nominated for the Kalasha International Film and Tv awards for the best female lead in a film brought her A game in this film. Watch more films by her and do not forget to vote.

Bernard Irungu I must say, director’s should look for you. You are a natural! You did justice to that role.

For the character Mavado, even if the film was in total silence, I would understand his role completely. He was just the best. Spoke so little but said so much.

Why U hate official trailer

Post Production

While editing, they considerately prioritized transitions. I want to believe that the director of photography who is also is the editor had transitions in mind while shooting. There are very interesting cuts and alot of interesting things in the this department and it’s hard to tell about them without giving spoilers.
The end credits were made somewhat zesty by adding some visual effects.
Film poster design also stood out. This was my first hook that made me want to know more about the film. Incredible job Njoroge Muthoni

Film scoring

There was this memorable moment when in the beginning of a scene when the Character Mavado was about to do his thing and a hip hip song by Mutwii Samuel was playing. Everyone’s head was bouncing along to that beat and When the song came to an end, there was an Eeeeish reaction from the audience. We enjoyed that. Theme song “running running” is beautifully composed and fits the tone of the film perfectly. The overall scroing of this film was meaningful and very catchy.

Locations and set design.

This contributed a big share on how the overall look of the film is. Remember I told you the film looks like a painting? You have to watch it to believe that.
My favourite location is the train setting. Splendid.


The films is as gripping and artistically ambitious while telling a story that needs to be heard. I want to see future and previous projects by Dreamhouse entertainment because I had a one of a kind experience watching this. I highly recommend everyone to watch this film more than twice when it gets to the cinemas because that is how it should be experienced. I hope this film will also be accessible after screening in the cinemas on Video On Demand platforms or any other medium. I absolutely love this film.

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