Director: Flaqo

🎬 Editor: Flaqo

🎥. Camera operator: Flaqo

📺 Genre: Comedy (sitcom)

🎭 Main cast: Flaqo

Some of the characters played by Flaqo


Otis shares his struggles of living with typical African parents (strict dad and overreacting Mom) while also doing Kenyan celebrity impressions.


All characters are fully developed and have an outstanding persona. Shockingly, all the characters in their own different capacities are brilliantly performed by Flaqo. It’s a one man show!To achieve this, each character is given their own mannerisms and gestures which are key to a visual comedy. His acting skills help to distinctively bring out all the different characters. Very brave of you Flaqo. By observing tone and volume, every character comes out unique. This kind of acting reminds me of Tyler Perry and Marlon Wayans . My personal favorite character is Mama Otis and favourite celebrity impression is Bien of Sauti sol. I would love to see how he prepares for such demanding roles.

Story is always the PRINCIPLE!
A powerful concept can beat all other technical elements. Flaqo is a good example of the statement ” start where you are with what you have”. Having the understanding that story wins, he focuses on affordable technology over high end equipment. Shooting on a Mobile phone can be quite challenging especially when it comes to framing but if it’s the only thing you have available at that time then by all means Shoot! Just make sure that your story is strong like Flaqo does.

Costume and make up.

This is where he manages to bring out all the characters fresh and different. For Mama and baba Otis, their costumes tell us more about their age and social economic class which largely contribute to their personalities. The mustache on baba Otis adds a little spice on the character and makes is easy for Flaqo to look different almost hard to believe that it is the same person playing all the characters.

Target Audience.

I love films that target the general public because it helps us understand each other as a society. In every video released, there is something for everyone. Flaqo engages the audience even more by sometimes breaking the fourth wall which makes the audience included in the performance. (Breaking the Fourth wall means looking directly into the camera) .

Staging for visual comedy.
On set and even while editing, pointing the camera at the right direction at the right time will bring out the right reaction from the audience. This being a comedy, perfect timing and cutting is important as use of facial expressions prompt an emotional response.


This highly depends on the mood and intentions of the characters at that moment. For example, Mama Otis is fast paced and only pauses after a punchline. For Baba Otis, he is slow paced, takes longer pauses and this helps with building the tension in the scene. The sister to Otis, speaks dragging some words at the end of the sentence giving a chill and relax attitude in the scene. Where emphasis is needed, a long dramatic pause backed up by a perfect facial expression is given. The pacing creates a certain rythmn which adds a dimension of realism. It makes the scene and the characters believable.
Memorable dialogue:
Mama Otis: Otis punguza volume Mimi ni Mama yako.
Baba Otis: maajab.

Flaqo has mastered the craft, style and construction of a comedy video while improving his craft in every new video. A good professional camera can help you do amazing things but what’s the point if you don’t have the story? He is a proved that story is the most important element and all the other elements are just icing to the cake. Dear Flaqo, we can’t wait to see you on the big screen.
Take out: start with where you are with what you have.

Favourite Episodes:
Father’s day gone wrong
Majibu za baba Otis
Celebrities in quarantine
Actually all of them crack me up. Check out his YouTube channel.username: Flaqo Raz

Out of 5

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