🗣️Director: Gitura Kamau
📽️D.O.P : Benson Kamau
🎙️Sound: Josephine Obudo
💄Makeup : @Fatouhassan

🎭 Cast: Gilbert Lukalia
George salt
Mueni Lundi

When the Covid 19 virus visits you for a casual talk, will you be ready with some answers? This is the Padre story.

Only You official trailer

It’s amazing what Gitura can do as an actor, have you watched ‘Coaches ‘. I mean he got nominated this year for the Best Lead actor in a film, ‘Family meeting’ for this year’s Kalasha International Film and Tv awards. Vote right now!

Now he has worn the director’s hat for this short film and he does not disappoint. ‘Only you’ feels very English. I felt the same vibe as watching a church scene in Mary queen of Scott’s. It’s just the set up, the score and the way the actors deliver their lines that makes it so comparative.
There are a lot of amazing things about this film so here are some of the highlights:

1. The concept.

Another Corona movie would be a cliché but not this one. I have not seen this approach before. It takes a decent amount of screen time for one to find out that it’s a Corona story. I like that unpredictable element.

2. The startling impact.

Watching this film could feel like a horror movie and this is achieved by
(A). Allowing one character to break the fourth wall

(B). Cutting the film from a long shot to a close up and vice versa

(C). The sort of individual that is generally depicted as the hero plays the trouble maker here

(D). the exemplary performance by the actors especially Gilbert will make you pay alot of attention to his reactions. In the event that the film was on absolute silence, I am certain I would understand the tone of the film 100%.

3. The dialogue

” Sometimes, decisions have to be made individually. You choose. And when you choose correctly, you live.”
I appreciate the purpose of dialogue in this movie. It says alot about the characters and it is designed to provoke conscious thoughts to the audience.

4. The acting.

All the actors give a worthy performance, very engaging. I am particularly impressed by Mueni’s performance and I would love to see her in more productions. She is amazing.

I had a very good experience watching this movie and GK has proved that the director’s hat fits him. I want to watch more Fly On The Wall Productions.

Out of 5

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