What is the current status of action films in Kenya?

📺 Genre: Action ðŸ¤¼

🗣 ️ Director: Jefflings Kagechu Jr.

🤼. Stunt choreographer: Jefflings kagechu

🎙️. Sound Engineers :Boniface Mucheru
Joseph kinyanjui
Warren ndung’u

🤡. Make up artist: Rose Njeri Gacheru

🎭 Main cast: Bill Clinton MTwangi
John Alex Kamau

Year 2020

” CoronaVirus attacked us unaware,but it taught us something
The world is never perfect.We ought to be PREPARED for another Pandemic in Future!”


I cannot believe that this masterpiece is available for free on YouTube. We should be charged to watch it. Jefflings Kagechu, a film director and stunt choreographer made a masterpiece that explains how to fight Corona virus through an action film. Nothing new about Corona but this film stands out as it is perfectly executed with an advancing plot, artistic in the way the message communicated and well choreographed stunts. Action film lover or not, this film will give you something to remember.

Stunt work

While Hollywood is dependent on computer generated elements to make death defying actions realistic, a brave and fearless visionary from Kenya has managed to use real physical action to achieve the same. Jefflings and his classmates won a kalasha award for the best student film -JIJI- by Kenyatta University last year which he also directed.
The covid is an edutainment that is dense on action and very surprising. Clean, organized stunts create great action sequences that do not look intentional. Not so fast and not too slow pace builds a momentum, with motivated punches, kicks and throws that keep the audiences interested and waiting for the final show down.There is no possible way that the audience will feel exhausted because the well choreographed stunts are not monotonous. With such risky stunts, I wonder how the actors avoid fatal injuries.


The film has very simple and has stylish direction. Most of the action is captured in a wide shot enabling the audience to see the whole action from the action, impact and reaction without interruption. The story is told mainly through action and the audience can feel the weight of the story because the action does not take away the impact of the message that the story is trying to tell. The hooking motion picture has practical sound effects, well blocked and directed making it easy for the audience to follow the action.

The short film is very artistic in the way it is executed. The use of visual effects help in characterization of the virus, and color grading gives the film a certain feel and tone.
The film is worth your time. It will reward your emotional and intellectual investment. The film ends with “to be continued”. I can’t wait for the next production.


The execution was flawless. The story is told following the three act structure and is very succesful with no dialogue. Good choice of location gave the actors space to fight. Approach used to direct this film clearly had the Audience’s interest.

Memorable moments:how the two characters bounce back while they are fighting and the visual effect of people appearing and disappearing on the scene.

Mishaps: the soft focus was a little too much, more lighting could be used especially in the beginning.


Out of

Jeff, what does it take to be a stunt man?

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