🗣️Director:Boni Kanyuira

🎭Based on Utugi Angels ,Martha Wanjau’s actual encounters.

A special film deserves a special review.

After an inexperienced girl is finally shown love, she schemes to honestly loot
everything so as to reward her defender but her mental battles triumph over her.

For there are highs and lows in life, we might fall once in a while into a deep state that affects our reasoning and sometimes our behavior but how do we treat those who are constantly in that situation?
I cried during the first screening because it’s is such an emotional story so I had to re watch it. It felt like a documentary mainly because it’s a factual story. There many inspiring, educative and engaging things in this film but today I will focus on the power of story and mention some memorable moments.

Power of Story.

This story is a true reflection of usanii ni Kioo Cha jamii.

Utugi is a kikiyu word which means grace.

This story allows me to remember the people who are abled differently and to recognise the fact that their rights are being disregarded by wicked, cruel and unjust enactments by people of sound mind. It is an awakening for those who assume to understand the challenges of the mental health disorders. We ought not view them as defenseless victims but as people who are fighting for their sanity.

Martha, your story is Changing the world, and if you have such a story, please share it because the world needs to hear it more now more than ever.

The astounding cast particularly all the ladies gave an engaging execution that pushed the story to the next level.

Memorable moments.

The lead acter maintaining her character must have been difficult but she pulled it off. Having to express herself in that state, be in emotionally demanding situations but still maintaining that character is execptional. You deserve an award Ni Muthoni Hellen
Fight scene chorography is usually hectic for normal people now how do you do that to potray intellectually challenged people? For it to make sense is another thing. Shout out to Jefflings Kagechu Jr. You are really good at what you do.
The sound was very clear and of high quality. There was a small issue with lip synchronization but it did not affect our viewing in anyway.
I felt the impact of highliting sexual abuse as a theme in this story because I have heard stories of people taking advantage of mental health patients.
The right choices were made when it comes to transitions. I noticed the unique opening and closing of each scene
I was able to experience sadness, anger happiness all together. The comic relief was very important because it helped us to relax after crying.
I recognize the fact that the film was a zero budget film, I can’t wait to see what you can do once you get funding!
I found the creative use of flashbacks very interesting.


Congratulations Boni on your feature directorial debut. You are successful. I noticed the huge sacrifice for the film, in the scene when people were shooting while being rained on. Dedication and commitment to this project is vividly noticable. Great technical filmmaking skills . It was necessary to tell such a powerful story. Through this story, I can see the dawn of a better day for humanity.

To all those struggling with mental health challenges, I tell you today, You are not your illness.

score 3.5/5


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