The real question is, where has Mutua been all this time? Yoooh. His acting is so good with some sort of expertise. I thought he has been doing that all his life but when I asked around, blanda is his first acting project. I kid you not, casting directors if you are reading this are you are looking for bad, no nonsense, gangster character kinda like what George mo does, Mutua is your guy. Trust me.

If you get the chance, watch this film.

Blanda is set Nairobi, the ghetto and has themes on crime, disfunctional families and police brutality. I find it so timely especially on matters police brutality. Blanda 1 introduces us to the characters, their life and ends on such a high note, I was in tears. Blanda 2 is not as emotional as the first one but the plot advances so well it gives one time to digest all that is happening. What I liked about Blanda

1. The writing and directing.

Recurring sequence. This was used so well through out the film and I really liked the twist in Blanda 2 when Mutua visited the journalist and the pattern was not the same. now we are just here to see what will happen next. cliffhangers. There were moments where we were literally at the edge of our seats, eyes wide open waiting to see what happens next. It’s really hard to write this review without giving spoilers. The high and low moments, and comic relief moments were perfectly timed. We laughed out loud a good number of times in the theatre.aweome job. The dialogue felt so natural, and this helped the actors be believable. Nothing felt like it was being forced.

2. The acting and casting

Performance in this film is so good and most of them are first timers. If I was to pick the best actors I would choose Mutua, the lead lady gangster, Slim’s sister and the girl who was high most of the time. As for the casting, siblings looked like actual siblings, and all the players looked the part.

3. Crowd control

Well, filming in a crowded place can be a challenge because the bystanders create a live audience but one could tell that the makers of the film did a very good job managing the crowd. Those people deserve a community screening for being well behaved.

4. Scoring

The music set the right mood and pace of the film. The fact that it was local music also gave the film a good touch.

5. Pacing

Being a crime film, the speed, the high and low moments, the chasing all came together to give the film the right pace which suits the genre.

6. Authenticity

The use of many Kenyans languages made is so local and relatable or close to home. The Swahili, sheng, luo, luhya and Kikuyu was just right.

7. Audience response

At the screening, I must say it was not the usual ‘fellow filmmakers audience’. I talked to a number of people and they all had one thing in common. They saw the trailer, felt like they could relate to it and since the tickets were affordable they came to watch it. The two cinema halls at Motion cinema at greenspan mall were fulled to capacity, by the time we were watching Blanda 2, there were no seats available. People had to stand along the isles and they did so without complains.

This is an achievement.

What I didn’t like

Subtitling was not consistent. We missed out on what the actors were saying in local languages and the strong sheng. There’s no point in this film where justice is served.

The cinematography was okay, but more can be done to give it a film look and feel.

What I expect in blanda 3Actors wapewe monologues.

I saw the attempt ya Slim ya monologue but it just wasn’t enough. my favourite actor, the cop,Mutua-, maaan that guy is a tough one. I’d love to see him breakdown in a monologue.. give him depression, life pressure, coz we have seen police taking their own lives coz of what they experience at work and don’t get counselling afterwards.

Make it Unpredictable so far, the plot advances so well that we can tell where the story is going but a surprise element would make it so much better. Give us a Plot twist…give us something we won’t see coming.

There are certain moments that were not really full circle in the film, flash backs will explain a lot allow us to learn more about the characters li ke how they join crime, training ya kushoot guns, their code language.

This is also a reflection of what happens in our society, police brutality, and crime, and challenges of living in the ghetto. What can be done about this? The support form MYSA didn’t work so what next? Dig deeper into the disfunctional family theme . Where are the father figures?

Kudos to the whole team. Blanda 1 and 2Directed by Dickson Misyle Omondi Kikao kikuu production.

The rating is 3.5/5Kikao kikuu production!

Watch Blanda II trailer Here

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